How To Enable Subscription In Woocommerce Plugin

How To Enable Subscription In Woocommerce Plugin

What is WooCommerce?

How To Enable Subscription In Woocommerce Plugin: WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to turn your site into an eCommerce store. With WooCommerce, you can sell physical and digital products or provide a subscription-based service. This article will show you how to create a subscription on WooCommerce.

You can also use WooCommerce to set up recurring billing. This article will show you the way to develop a subscription with WooCommerce.

Enabling subscriptions in WooCommerce is easy and only takes a few steps. First, you need to install and activate the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Why use WooCommerce?

There are several reasons to use WooCommerce, a plugin for WordPress that enables eCommerce features on a website. Perhaps the biggest reason is that it is free and open-source software. Anyone can contribute to its improvement, and there are no licensing fees. WooCommerce is a well-known plugin with a huge community of users and developers able to provide aid, and who make add-ons for it.

Another big reason to use WooCommerce is its flexibility. It can be used for selling physical or digital products or even services. In addition, numerous themes and plugins are available that allow you to customize the look and feel of your store and add functionality. And because WooCommerce is built on WordPress, it inherits all of WordPress’s features, such as SEO-friendly permalinks, blog integration, and user management.

How to enable subscription in WooCommerce?

Enabling subscriptions in WooCommerce is a great way to take your online store to the next level. By allowing customers to subscribe to your products, you can create a recurring revenue stream that will help to stabilize your business. In this article, we’ll show you how to enable subscriptions in WooCommerce.

To get started, log into your WordPress dashboard and navigate the WooCommerce settings page. From there, click on the “Subscriptions” tab and check the box next to “Enable Subscriptions.”

Now that you have subscriptions enabled, you’ll need to configure some settings before they can be used. First, you’ll need to select a subscription plan from the “subscription plans” drop-down menu. Next, you’ll need to enter your plan’s details, including the plan’s name. The cost of the plan. -The frequency that the customer will be charged for the subscription.

The duration of the recurring payment. In our example, we’re setting up a monthly plan that costs $100 and will charge the user every month for 12 months. Once you’ve entered the details of your subscription plan, click the “Save” button. Now that we have our subscription plan configured let’s use it in a subscription form. Next, open the page where you want to add a Recurring Payment form.

What are the benefits of using WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce plugin that helps you turn your WordPress site into an online store. WooCommerce offers many features and benefits, including the ability to sell subscriptions.

Subscriptions are a great way to offer recurring revenue to your customers and can be used for physical or digital products, services, or content. In addition, subscriptions give customers the convenience of automatic payments and billing and allow you to offer special discounts or rewards for subscribing.

Is Woocommerce Subscription free?

Yes, Woocommerce Subscription is free. You can find the documentation on enabling subscription in the woocommerce plugin here. Follow the steps outlined in the documentation, and you’ll be up and running.


In conclusion, follow the steps above to enable subscription in woocommerce. After that, you’ll be able to offer products and services regularly with ease. This is a powerful tool that can help you boost your sales and grow your business.

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