Buyer’s Guide to the Best Ruger 10/22 Charging Handles


Are you at the moment searching for the best charging handles for a Ruger 10/22 carbine? Well, there is long list of the best Ruger10/22 charging handles on the market to check out. You perhaps already know, but for the newbies, the charging handle is the part of the 10/22 that you’ll typically use to clear jams, clear the action, or manually chamber a new round. 

It’s an inherent component of a firearm and a product you will want to purchase if you’re building a new Ruger 10/22 from scratch. On the flip side, if you aim to upgrade your existing 10/22, a new charging handle can make for a solid improvement.

Following are the most crucial factors to keep in mind when searching for a new charging handle for your 10/22 rifle:

Drop-In Design

Opposed to what some users may think, you would not need to go to a gunsmith or use specialized tools to install your new charging handle for your 10/22. A drop-in design implies that the old charging handle can be removed, and the new one installed by you with ease.


The primary reason you need to replace your charging handle is that you don’t find your existing charging handle to be ergonomic, right? Hence, you want to ensure that your new charging 10 22 bolt handle has a design that matches your preferences and be comfortable to use as well. The stock charging handle for 10/22 works (technically speaking, it has been used since the early 1960s), but it’s at the same time too basic. 

Some of the aftermarket charging handles are designed to be more ergonomic due to their longer length, and also owing to their grip. For example, a few charging handles will be designed as a long curved shape, so they are pretty convenient to grasp onto, whether it be to chamber a new round or to clear a jam.

There is an array of shapes available. Certain charging handles have a curved design, others have a latched design, also have more of a hook shape, etc.

Smoother Action

Again, the factory designed charging handle on a 10/22 works, but it could be better. A lot of third party charging handles are designed to function rather smoothly. Simply put, less force would be required to draw the 10 22 bolt handle to the rear. To put it another way you will encounter less physical resistance when drawing the charging handle back to the rear.

Ambidextrous Design

This will not apply to you in case you’re a right-handed shooter. However, if you use the left-hand to shoot you would very likely want to have an ambidextrous charging handle. An ambidextrous charging handle comes with a separate handle on the left side of the 10/22 carbine, notwithstanding the fact the rifle’s action is on the right side.

The Nutshell

In a nutshell, keep all the above mentioned important factors in mind when looking for a new charging handle for your 10/22 rifle.

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