How Does DTG Printing Improve Your Custom Apparel Business? Know The Cost Of DTG Printing


The T-shirt printing industry is evolving very fast due to technological developments. Designers have found it easy to push the traditional boundary to show their creativity and maintain the quality of prints. If you want to take advantage of the latest innovations, you can consider DTG printing solutions. As an apparel business owner, you may outsource printing services to professionals. The cost of DTG printing is affordable to small businesses and startups. So, instead of buying DTG printers, you can look for reliable printing companies.

Why should you rely on DTG printing for personalized apparel?

DTG printing service allow you to take your custom apparel business to a different height. Printing experts know how to maintain creativity and precision during the printing process. The innovative printing technology facilitates detailed and vibrant designs that you want to print directly onto your t-shirts. The high-quality prints will be durable and long-lasting.

DTG printers are designed to capture gradients, color schemes, and every detail. That is why you can contact the best DTG printing company to personalize hoodies, t-shirts, and other types of garments. Water-based inks used for the printing project are eco-friendly. So, there will be very low environmental impact if you choose DTG printing solutions.

Versatility and efficiency are other reasons for choosing direct-to-garment printing. The trusted DTG printing agencies are ready to accept both small and large printing orders. You will get cost-effective, bespoke services from the printing service providers.

DTG printing- How does it work?

Apparel or other products are placed in the DTG printers. The printing method involves using digital technologies that print the artwork onto the garment. It eliminates the need to use plates and screens for your printing project. So, the overall process will be very simple and affordable.

The main components in the DTG printing process are-

  • DTG printers
  • Water-based inks
  • Pre-treatment solution

The ink used for the printing machine is applied to the garment. It ensures that there will be a seamless combination of pattern and fabric. DTG is better than traditional printing methods because of its cost-effectiveness, preciseness, and faster processing.

How should you select the right apparel for custom DTG prints?

DTG is a versatile option, as you can use it for various fabrics. Remember that the choice of fabrics can affect the results. As cotton blends and pure cotton have a high absorbent ability, you can choose them for printing bright tones. 

DTG printing professionals consider the texture and color of the garment. Rough fabrics may reduce the clarity of your DTG prints. On the contrary, you will find an improved print with light-color fabrics. The biggest advantage of DTG prints is that they are adaptable to different designs and photographs.

Professional designers use their skills and creativity to make your custom apparel unique. You will get the best value from investing in DTG printing service. Expert designers will put their imaginations and talents to work for you to create one-of-a-kind personalized clothing. If you want your money’s worth, use DTG printing service.

Can you print any apparel with DTG printers?

The fashion world relies highly on DTG printing to customize different types of fabrics. So, you can print different garments and accessories, from hoodies to t-shirts. However, the DTG printing method is not just for clothing. You can use it for personalizing any merchandise like bags and mugs. The use of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing to personalize various materials is ubiquitous in the fashion industry. Hoodies and t-shirts are only two examples of the many clothing and accessories that can be printed. Nonetheless, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing isn’t limited to apparel alone. Personalized bags and mugs are just the beginning of what you can do with it.

How to reduce the cost of DTG printing?

You can consult the printing experts to know- How much does DTG printing cost? There are some ways to reduce the cost of printing your garments with DTG printers.

  • Choose the simple design– Intricate artwork makes the printing process time-consuming. It also consumes more ink to print the design onto the t-shirt. So, you can select simple designs that do not comprise several colors.
  • Print the apparel in bulk– As it is for your business purposes, you can place the bulk order at the DTG printing platform. If the quantity is large, you may get a discount. Moreover, the cost per piece will be low. You can also group multiple orders to save money. Since this is for commercial use, the DTG printing platform is the place to make your bulk order. A discount can be possible if you buy in bulk. Additionally, there will be a cheap cost per unit. Another way to save money is to aggregate orders.
  • Hire only the best DTG printing experts– The experienced DTG professionals know how to place the designs strategically on the apparel. It will minimize the quantity of ink needed for the artwork. The designers ensure that they have used the printable space efficiently to provide the best print. Besides, they adjust the printers’ settings like ink saturation and resolution. Besides, they maintain DTG printers regularly to avoid issues during the printing process. It will allow them to prevent the waste of ink.

DTG printing- Know about the future trends

DTG printing technology is dynamic, as there will be more advancements in the future. Better DTG printers will enter the market for a better outcome. T-shirt printing agencies use the valuable data to refine strategies for data extraction and analysis. The data helps them optimize the apparel printing process. So, you can choose DTG printing services for customizing garments. There will be further developments in DTG printing technology in the future, making it dynamic. In order to improve the outcome, better DTG printers will be introduced to the market. T-shirt printing companies hone their data extraction and analysis techniques with the help of this essential data. The data is useful for making the printing process for clothing more efficient. Consequently, DTG printing services are an option for personalizing clothing.


DTG printing is one of the commonly chosen technologies for customizing garments. The cost of DTG printing is not a concern, and you can easily place the bulk order. At Ninja Stitch, you will find the most efficient and dedicated professionals to manage your DTG printing process.

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