electric scooters with isinwheel and redefine


Designed for both performance and safety, the S9 Pro features disc braking and an eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system. This advanced braking technology not only ensures a secure and controlled ride but also contributes to the overall efficiency and longevity of the electric scooter. The inclusion of pneumatic tires enhances shock absorption, providing riders with a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

iSinwheel S9Max 500W Upgraded Electric Scooter:

For riders seeking an upgraded and powerful electric scooter experience, the isinwheel  S9Max takes the spotlight. Fueled by a robust 500W brushless motor, this scooter delivers an exhilarating ride with a perfect balance of speed and control. The front and rear dual suspension system further adds to the comfort, making it suitable for various terrains.

The 10 Ah capacity battery is a game-changer, offering an impressive range and allowing riders to embark on longer journeys without worrying about frequent recharging. The thoughtful design of the S9Max reflects isinwheel’s commitment to providing not just a mode of transportation but an immersive and enjoyable riding experience.


isinwheel’s electric scooters embody the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of urban mobility. The isinwheel S9 Pro Pneumatic Tire Electric Scooter and the iSinwheel S9Max 500W Upgraded Electric Scooter showcase the brand’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for modern commuters. As isinwheel continues to innovate, riders can expect a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style. Experience the future of electric scooters with isinwheel and redefine your journey through the city streets with confidence and style.

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