How much is a Saudi Umrah visa from UK?


Do you have a desire to embark on an Umrah journey and witness the stunning scenery of Saudi Arabia, but you are concerned about the total costs associated with securing your Umrah visa? In order to do the Umrah in Saudi Arabia, individuals who are not citizens of Saudi Arabia are needed to get a visa. There are many different types of Umrah packages and visas that are available to Muslims who wish to make this holy journey during their time in the country.

It is, however, your nationality that will determine whether or not you are eligible for each category of visa. An online tourist e-Visa, which may be obtained through a streamlined application process, is one of the more convenient options available. To provide clarity regarding the pricing of Saudi Arabia visas, this post has been written.

During the Umrah pilgrimage, Muslims have the opportunity to ask forgiveness, repent, and revitalize their faith in the United Kingdom. It is well acknowledged that performing Umrah is among the most effective means of establishing a stronger connection with Allah SWT. By utilizing Umrah Packages UK you will be able to perform the Umrah. In 2024, the cost of an Umrah visa will vary from nation to country, with the United Kingdom perhaps having a higher cost.

Overview of Umrah Visa Choices for Saudi Arabia Travel

Your participation in the Umrah pilgrimage is contingent upon your possession of an Umrah visa, which is an official travel document issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). In the course of this holy journey, which may be undertaken at any time of the year, you will have the opportunity to visit the holy cities of Jeddah, Makkah, and Medina.

The Tourist visa is one of the three different types of visas that are available for Umrah. Before delving into the intricacies of the finances, it is important to first examine the particulars of each visa, the complete application process, and the distinctions between Umrah visas and visas for tourists.

Saudi Arabia e-Umrah Visa for Visitors

Beginning with the most obvious choice for gaining an Umrah visa, the government launched the e-Visa in order to simplify the process for tourists who are travelling to the Kingdom.

By using e-visa, travelers from a variety of countries are able to submit their applications for official Umrah visas online. The use of specialized e-visas for Umrah provides an additional level of ease by removing the need for a comprehensive in-person examination at consulates or embassies, as well as the obligation to wait in queue at banks for visa fees.

Through the use of an electronic visa, travelers are able to go to Saudi Arabia and complete the pilgrimage at their own pace throughout the year. The electronic visa is eligible for use for a period of one year and permits multiple entries, with a maximum stay of ninety days.

Getting an Umrah Visa in Saudi Arabia upon Arrival

The Umrah Passport on Arrival is another alternative, which is offered at designated admission points in Saudi Arabia. In order to be eligible for this particular sort of visa, you must first fulfil the requirements listed below:

Having citizenship in one of the countries that meet the requirements. Acquiring a visa from the United Kingdom that is still valid. Obtaining a visa using this criterion requires meeting the following requirements in order to be eligible for the visa:

  • Regarding the length of time that Saudi Arabian visas for Umrah are valid
  • The visa might be either a tourist or a business visa.
  • The visa must be used for at least one entry, and the nation that issued the visa must provide a stamp of entry.
  • Applicants for permanent resident status from the European Union or the United Kingdom, provided that the resident’s status can be demonstrated.

Also included in this category are members of the visa holder’s immediate family who are accompanying them on their trip.

An Umrah visa that is issued upon arrival is a visa that allows for multiple entrances and is valid for a period of one year beginning on the date it was issued. Visitors who are in possession of this type of visa are permitted to stay for a maximum of ninety days at a time.

Visa for Umrah by Package

It is only for the purpose of performing the Umrah pilgrimage that the travel document, which is also referred to as a specialized Umrah visa, opens the door to entry. By taking advantage of the Umrah package option, pilgrims from all over the world are now able to make the Umrah trip a reality.

To obtain an Umrah visa, you are required to make contact with a travel agent in your own country who is authorized to provide such services. In the event that you purchase Ramadan Umrah packages, the chosen agency will be responsible for handling the visa process on your behalf.

In order to provide consumers with the opportunity to select the Umrah package that best meets their requirements, travel agencies typically provide a selection of packages at varying rates. Accommodation, health insurance, and visa fees are typically included in the Umrah packages. Additionally, travel expenses within the region are typically covered.

In most cases, the Umrah Visa via Package permits a single entry and a maximum stay of two weeks, with the exception of situations in which the Umrah is performed during the month of Ramadan. It’s possible that the visa will remain valid until the end of the month in certain circumstances.

The Tourist Visa for Saudi Arabia

Using the Tourist Visa, which is also known as the Saudi Arabia Electronic Visa, travelers are able to engage in activities that are related with tourism, attend events, visit friends and family, take part in leisure activities, and even perform Umrah (with the exception of Hajj).

Differentiating between the Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa and the Tourist Visa

When it comes to pilgrims doing the Umrah, the specialized Umrah Visa offered by Saudi Arabia provides obvious advantages over the use of an electronic tourist visa.

One of the most significant advantages is that individuals who possess a visa that is specifically designed for Umrah are able to transport ZamZam water from the country, which is not something that visitors are able to do.

Even when you do not fulfil the conditions for a tourist visa, you are still able to apply for an electronic visa. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should consult with the nearest agent or authorities from the Hajj and Umrah organizations in order to receive specific guidance on how to handle the difficult application process.

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