6 Trendy Sherwani Styles for Men to Rock the Wedding Season


The sherwani for men goes beyond being exclusively reserved for grooms. Any man seeking a traditional and culturally authentic look at weddings can rely on this dress. However, Sherwanis have evolved over the years, leading men to seek out various designs.

Contemporary Sherwani varieties featuring intricate threadwork and captivating colour combinations are now readily accessible. Hence, regardless of your style, you can find a Sherwani that perfectly suits you among the diverse options available.

1. Jodhpuri Sherwani – Unveiling the Regal Elegance

When it comes to kurta sets for men, Jodhpuri creations reign supreme. The exquisite Jodhpuri pattern adds a touch of royalty to a man’s ensemble, making it perfect for grand weddings. The refined allure and vibrant aesthetics of the jodhpuri style have garnered admiration from men from all walks of life. Crafted by skilled designers, a royal Jodhpuri Sherwani is a marvel.

To elevate the Jodhpuri Sherwani, consider accessorising with jackets, stoles, and cufflinks. Embrace every embellishment that exudes a regal aura, allowing you to look nothing short of majestic.

2. Pakistani Sherwani – Infusing Elegance from Afar

Are you thinking of a princely appearance at the wedding? Look no further; for Pakistani Sherwani, designs are your perfect match. This extraordinary Sherwani has made its way into Indian weddings, capturing hearts with its captivating colours, intricate craftsmanship, and undeniable charm.

Whether it’s Mehendi, Haldi, Sangeeth, or the grand reception, the Pakistani Sherwani for men can be adorned on every wedding occasion. Unlike other Sherwani types, Churidars complement the Pakistani Sherwani impeccably. So, avoid any other bottom wear if you wish to avoid a lacklustre look.

3. Achkan Sherwani – Effortlessly Stunning for the Wedding

To achieve a unique and effortless wedding look, there’s nothing quite like the Achkan style dresses. Achkan designs consistently maintain their presence in fashion, making them an irresistible choice for men during weddings. Achkan Sherwani can be paired with jackets, dhoti pyjamas, or churidars, enabling you to create a splendid style statement. While browsing through the extensive range of Achkan for men, ensure you become the event star.

Opting for Achkan-style dresses can make you exceptionally dapper on your wedding day. So, why not consider it as a smart choice for the groom?

4. Sherwani Jacket – The Regal Touch to Sophistication

The Sherwani Jacket is perfect for men who want to carry a decent, classy, dapper, and attractive appearance. Typically crafted from elegant materials like raw silk, Jamwar, Banarasi, and tusser, these Sherwanis are adorned with antique-inspired motifs, sequins, and a matte gold finish. The Sherwani jacket pairs impeccably with long pyjamas and a stylish pair of juttis, completing the princely ensemble.

5. Indo-Western Sherwani – Embracing Modernity with Indian Charm

What if you prefer a more modern and less intricate look? Can you still wear a Sherwani? Consider exploring Indo-Western Sherwani designs for your special occasion. Indo-Western Sherwanis for weddings incorporate a touch of modernity in traditional attire, providing a perfect balance. These Sherwanis feature contrasting shades, colours, and hues, adding an unconventional twist to traditional designs.

Indo-Western Sherwanis are embellished with buttons, gems, cuffs, stones, beads, and regal motifs, allowing you to make a statement. To complement these Sherwani types, opt for stylish bottom wear that lets the essence of the ensemble shine.

6. Angrakha Sherwani – Drape Yourself in Elegance

If you have a well-toned upper body and want to highlight it at a wedding, look no further than the Angrakha Sherwani. This highly sought-after Sherwani requires some boutique hunting to find the perfect fit.

Fashion experts attest to Angrakha Sherwani’s magical aura, which sets it apart from other accessories. This Sherwani covers everything from collars to necklines, cuffs, and even mirror work. With the Angrakha Sherwani, you can pair it with various options to enhance the overall look. To elevate the ensemble further, slip into a pair of royal juttis.

Choosing the proper kurta set for men for a wedding is more than just a formality—it’s an opportunity to showcase your personality. Let your dress style enhance your character and complement your individuality on this special occasion.

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