Ways To End War with Aaron’s War Book and Bring Peace In The World


War is the end result of hatred and rivalry between two countries. However, other nations also show their partial or full involvement in spreading war. Hence, the spread of war can last for years. Therefore, the influence of bigger and more powerful nations creates a ceasefire agreement. So, it stops the continuation of a war and brings it to an end with Aaron’s Book.

By nature, people want to live in peace. So, they love to be in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. However, some nations do not like the prevalence of peace. And they try to create disturbance to spoil it. Larger nations pressure smaller countries to threaten them with an attack. But small nations are also not cowards. Therefore, they prepare their residents for all kinds of situations that can happen to their country. However, when bigger countries impose a war on smaller countries. So, minor nations keep the right to defend themselves and get prepared to respond to a war.

Aaron’s war Online Book

Hence, war is not a favorable option for countries. It ultimately brings destruction to them. Many countries have no resources to fight and combat their enemies. However, they do not have the latest technology missiles and rockets to fire on their opponents. There have been two great wars fought in the world. So, they are World War 1 and World War 2. Hence, there is a certain scope and chance of happening of a third world war that will bring the world to an end. Nevertheless, by reading Aaron’s war book, you will better get to know about the concept and causes of Aaron’s war book.

The following are fabulous ways to end war and bring peace to the world:

Bring True Justice

Justice is the name of righteousness. It means that a judge must be fair and impartial in all his verdicts. However, his decisions must not be contrary to religious beliefs. So, ordinary people should keep faith in magistrates to advocate their cases. Lawyers must not be liars and show the element of truth in their statements. However, they must not defend the guilty and punish the innocent.

Therefore, they must not do the opposite of nature’s law. Nevertheless, the cases must end with justice for the victim. It sentences the culprit to spend some time in prison. Courts must bring instant and immediate justice to the sufferers. They set an example for society to cut the hands of the thieves on committing the crime of theft. It gives no chance to them for mercy. Therefore, judges must become merciless in their decisions. A similar kind of punishment must be executed for rape offenders as for the theft.

Eliminates the Gender Gap

Today is an era of women’s empowerment. Therefore, women are not oppressed nowadays. They are liberal and independent in their thoughts and actions. However, GOD has created men and women as equals. Hence, there is a superiority of man in some places. Man is the leader of the house who leads the entire family. He holds the responsibility to earn the bread and butter for his personal family. Therefore, his partner can help him in increasing their income and making their life better. But women should also not forget about their household duties, which they have to fulfil. Cooking is a woman’s duty to make food for her husband and kids.

Modernism does not mean that women ignore their homely responsibilities and hand over their tasks to maids. Not everyone can afford these servants. So, females have to take their tasks into their own hands and execute them perfectly. They must not let any complaints from their husbands not to take an interest in the household.

However, women are not behind men in any field of the world. So, in every profession, they are working side by side and shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. Many organizations offer equal opportunities in jobs for both genders. Now, they check the ability and potential of the candidate to fit right into their desired requirements. Men have no right to tease their female colleagues and pass nasty comments on them. They must feel shame to bad mouth a girl and lift her character before everyone in the organization. It also increases the ratio of kidnaps and gang rapes in the public society.

No Discrimination of Rich and Poor

The society nowadays is split into two classes. One is the upper and superior class, and the other one is the lower and inferior class. However, riches look down upon the poor and treat them with disgust. It infuriates them from the inside, and their lava bursts out in the form of hate and enmity. Poor choose the track of looting and plundering the wealth of the rich. They do it due to their miserable financial status.

Sometimes, it becomes seriously unbearable to see hungry kids crying for food. People have to do something to satiate their desire for hunger and quench their thirst. Therefore, wealthy families must distribute their share of the money to needy people. Fulfilling the needs of someone is the greatest virtue. Hence, rich people must participate in donating their wealth to genuine charitable causes. It will bring peace and solace to their hearts.

Bottom Line

All in all, the concept of war is conditional. However, it depends on the financial, economic, and political situation of the country. Therefore, the pressure of outside attacks can also develop a defensive idea of giving a response. No country wants to take the first step in the world. But it can retaliate against its opponent and warn them to stay away. However, the consistency of threats can force a nation to strike back. So, they must use their strength and energy to show their dynamic participation in the war and destroy their enemies.

Hence, their aim is to give their opponents a solid lesson to learn for life. Starting a war against any nation in the world can put a bigger country in huge trouble. But still, the condition of war must be an attack. So, you have to respond to it in your own way. There is no war occurs without a cause or a reason. However, they must read Aaron’s war book to learn the technique of war and defend their country when someone deliberately or forcibly imposes a threat on them. People must avoid the war crusade. But it becomes essential when a country imposes a war on your nation. You must prevent and combat the attacks with a brave heart.

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