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You must have been a part of sending secret messages to someone you admire or to someone you want to confess something. The game of sending anonymous messages was viral on WhatsApp once. 

But do you know providing a secret message link on Facebook profile can be used to get genuine reviews about your content?

Use the secret message link smartly with the link, one of the famous anonymous messaging platforms. The proceeding is a guided tour of how to create secret message link.

A step-by-step guide to creating a secret message link

To paste a link for secret messages, firstly we have to create it. Here in this section, you will get a stepwise guide to generate a link for anonymous messages.

1). Open the browser on your device. 

2). Enter on the URL bar.

3). You will be landed on their “Create Your Link” page. “Enter your name” or nickname there. Press on the “Create” button.

4). You will be landed on the page where you will get your credentials to log in to check anonymous messages and the secret me link to copy that other people will use to send secret messages.

5). Save your user id and PIN somewhere and don’t let it be misplaced as it can’t be recovered.

If you lost your secret me credentials, you have to create a new link. You can’t regenerate the previous one anyhow. So keep your user id and pin safe always. Now the first step to generating the link is over, let’s move forward and paste it into the Facebook profile.

Facebook Profile: paste your secret message link there

The next step after creating the secret me link is to paste it on your Facebook profile. Your friends on Facebook or other Facebook users can send you anonymous messages through the provided link. You can check the messages by logging in to the with your generated credentials.

You will never be able to know the identity of the sender unless he discloses it.

Let’s now see how to paste a secret message link on your Facebook profile:

1). Open your Facebook account on the app or the browser.

2). Then head to the profile section by clicking on the profile menu from the hamburger icon.

3). After that click on the “Edit Profile“.

4). Scroll until you find the “Links” section.

5). Click on “Edit

6). Head to the “Websites” section, then “Add Website“. In the vacant field, add the copied link (secret me link). click on “Save“.

Check whether everything is working

The final step is to cross-check your setup. Visit your Facebook profile page again and check whether the link is appearing correctly there or not. If not then repeat some of the above steps.

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Create a secret message link on your Facebook profile with above defined easy steps.

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