Top 5 tips to choose Halal holiday packages


Halal holidays package are getting popularity but they are still not widespread. Halal holidays are mostly associated with Muslims as these holidays are all about the stay of Muslim families. Why these holidays are called halal? Well, on halal holidays Muslims enjoy their vacation period by maintaining Muslim traditions.

Travel agencies offer halal holiday packages to facilitate Muslims with their religious requirements. They offer them the utmost religious protection including safe hotels to say, secluded pools, wellness and spa, and halal food. These are the major concerns of Muslims during their halal travel.

Choosing a halal travel package is similar to choosing any travel package except for the emphasis on Islamic concerns. The process of selection includes the choice of the visiting place, consideration of the budget, and research about the halal holiday packages. Consider the vacation packages of different travel companies and compare their prices and services.

After finding a trustworthy travel agency you need to encounter their halal offers. Consider religious concerns and select the perfect travel package. You can avoid the hustle of research by asking your friends, and relatives, or getting recommendations from early visitors of the specific place. We have some tips to help you choose the best halal holidays package to make your halal holidays more enjoyable.  

Choosing the Halal location

The selection of a visiting place is the first step to starting the journey. During the selection of a visiting place do not forget to get the opinion of your family members. Considering your family’s opinions will help to create a list of famous visiting places. After completing the list, choose the perfect place that fulfills all the Muslim concerns.

There are many visiting places in the world for holidays, but Muslims may face difficulty in finding the best places that also take care of their religious concerns. Countries like Indonesia, Morocco, Malaysia, and Turkey have well-established concerns about halal holidays. These Muslim locations offer the best halal accommodations, halal food, and ladies’ privacy. However, if you are looking forward to a trip to European countries to spend halal holidays, you must search for locations that can facilitate you with halal food and Muslim-friendly accommodation.

If you are unable to find the best-fit locations, you must seek the help of travel agencies and their halal holiday packages. Examine their holiday packages and acknowledge the services they are providing for halal holidays. If you are planning a family holiday you must consider the fully secluded beach for your ladies and dining in alcohol-free areas.

Muslim-friendliness hotels

Finding a Muslim-friendly hotel is not an issue while traveling to Muslim countries. As these countries are more likely to be concerned about the religious dignity and traditional values of Islam. But traveling to spend halal holidays in western states can be problematic for Muslim visitors. Before selecting the halal holiday packages make sure your travel agency is providing specific facilities.  

These facilities include the facility of halal food or restaurants that serve food according to Islamic dietary laws as well as prayer facilities or rooms that are equipped with prayer mats, Qurans, and Qibla directions. Non-alcoholic or gambling environments that are free from intoxicants and unlawful activities should be concerned by the travel agency.

Moreover, examine the separate facilities for men and women, such as pools, spas, beaches, or gyms, that ensure privacy and modesty. Islamic decor and Islamic literature that reflects Muslim culture and identity can be appealing to Muslim visitors. These facilities can help Muslims to practice their faith and enjoy their holiday in a halal-friendly way.

Halal food

Halal food is the biggest concern for Muslims during any travel. Many Muslim travelers feel difficulty in finding halal food but there are many ways to get satisfied about this problem. 

Before leaving your country make sure you have researched the halal food options along with the Muslim-friendly accommodation. Confirm if your selected airline is providing halal food to Muslims or if there is no such facility. Select the online format to make a thorough research about the halal food restaurants existing near your accommodation.  

You can take the help of local apps as well that can indicate the halal food points with directions from your residence. Moreover, if you don’t want to entangle yourself in above mentioned hustles you must opt for the option of a travel agency. Booking your holiday package with an experienced and well-reputed travel agency will solve the dispute of finding halal food.

Your travel agency will facilitate you with all the needed things including your stay, food, and transportation. So, choosing halal holiday packages is an excellent option to make your journey more enjoyable and stress-free.

Prayer concerns

When you are leaving for your trip with your halal holidays package make sure to acknowledge the prayer timings and exact qibla direction of the visiting place. You can use online available apps that can help you with the exact prayer timings and qibla directions of specific places.

Ensure you have downloaded your apps before leaving your country so you can save your limited internet for other purposes.

Luggage packing

Luggage packing is a tricky thing to do. Proper packing is necessary when you are traveling through airlines. To avoid any mishap during your travel, you have to be limited about the weight of your luggage as well as concerned about avoiding some specific items.

To get more space you can use the option of a vacuum bag to pack your luggage. Always be smart during your packing, use rolling instead of folding to prevent wrinkles in your wearables. Use a separate plastic bag for liquid items like perfumes, body wash, shampoo, and other such items. It will help you to save your clothes from the leakage dames of these liquid items.

Put all the items neatly and smartly so you can handle the packing of more items in a limited space. Avoid packing suspicious things that can cause a huge disturbance during your journey. The prohibited things involve weapons, bleach, chlorine, and other fire-friendly items.  

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