How Can an Applicant Tracking Software Transform Your Hiring?


Recruiting candidates remotely or on-premise, single vacant position, or volume hiring – ATSes are increasingly becoming an inevitable ally for recruiting teams. AI-backed applicant tracking systems can greatly improve the hiring process by automating the low-value, simple rule-based tasks, enabling recruiters, and hiring managers to concentrate on what really matters- people.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages it can bring to the hiring process and to the hiring team, impacting the entire organization.

There are some significant benefits of employing applicant tracking software in recruiting systems.

Advantages of using applicant tracking systems in hiring

Time efficient

One of the most amazing benefits of employing the software is that it makes the entire process faster. It can screen resumes much more quickly than human recruiters. Also, on average, around eighty percent of profiles does not suit the positions are filtered by the applicant tracking software at the very start. It can process applications faster and also automate most parts of the recruiting workflows. Therefore, the entire hiring speeds up and supports the recruiters’ activities.

Flexibility and productivity

ATS facilitates many advantages for the recruiting teams and creates a better recruiting experience for every user- from candidates to recruiting teams. It can be integrated with internal systems and outside platforms for data transfer and various other functions. In addition, communication and collaboration become easier as all users can perform most of the recruiting tasks from the applicant tracking software.

Features and access can be controlled according to the users’ profiles and needs, as applicants use it to apply for a job and view their application status. In contrast, recruiters can use it to screen profiles, schedule interviews, score candidates, communication and send offers, etc. This will lead to better productivity and efficiency of recruiting teams and flexibility of operation in the recruiting process.

Job posting

ATS allows automated job posting on career sites and platforms. Post a vacant position on the company website, internal forums, and outside platforms from the same system. Social media platforms have become a major source for recruiting, so many applicant tracking software also enables their users to post jobs on social media.

Analytics and Reporting

Applicant tracking software can collect, analyze and manage a large volume of candidate data and other relevant recruiting data. Also, many of these systems are capable of producing in-depth reports and real-time analytics for their users. The recruiting trends and insights offered by the solutions can be used in optimizing the recruiting process and strategic decision-making.

Quality of hires

Automated screening, analytics, and assisting recruiters in their activities make the recruiting process, as well as the quality of the hires, improves considerably.

Easy applications and screening process

Candidates can apply from the ATS, recruiters can source candidates using the same application, and the next interviews can be scheduled through the application. The interviewer and interviewee, and other participants receive notifications through email or messages and alert at the right time. Also, it can offer to score candidates and compute evaluation outcomes to help select the best candidate for a role.

Streamlined hiring process

ATS or applicant tracking system automates recruiting workflows, making the process faster and eliminating the chances of errors. Also, the software helps different users to communicate and collaborate among themselves and send automated alerts. ATS allows applicants to apply and recruiters to source, and it can screen profiles and arrange interviews automatically. Additionally, interviewers can score candidates, and it publishes evaluation results and sends offers to the selected candidates from the same platform. It assists recruiters in performing their tasks and automates the rest. Automation often reduces the unnecessary steps of the process. So, the entire process becomes efficient and streamlined by using an ATS.

Enhanced candidate experience

Application tracking software combined with human ingeniousness and empathy can create an outstanding experience for candidates. Instant and automated responses, the easy application process, access to their application status, notification, and other functions are made quickly and accurately with these systems. As a result, the application process becomes faster, more transparent, and more efficient. Therefore, talents will be retained through the hiring process and more likely to join your organizations.


Applicant tracking systems or ATSes save time and resources. Once deployed, it reduces human effort by automating tasks. Minimum maintenance costs and integration save expenses in recruiting. The budget can be used to improve other activities like recruitment marketing. Also, fewer human recruiters or work hours are needed for tasks like screening candidate resumes.

Better Accuracy

Automating tasks by ATS can completely eliminate errors, and for the rest of the activities, it can assist the users in improving their efficiency and accuracy. For example, Recruiters can schedule interviews using an ATS, and after conducting the interview, they can score the candidate in the same interface. The system can compute the score and display the results. It eliminates the need for manual data collection and entering them into spreadsheets. So, the chances of errors in the recruitment process are significantly reduced.

Helps Pick the Right Candidates

Every open position receives more applications than what your HRs can handle. So, screening of these applications needs to be thorough and quick so that you don’t lose candidates to your competitors and peers. Instead of sacrificing one for the other, a good ATS lets you be quick and thorough while hiring candidates.

Reduces Cost-per-hire

You can reduce the overall cost of your hires. This happens since it impacts multiple aspects of the employee lifecycle in the organization.

ATS reduces the cost of attracting the perfect candidates with the integration of multiple job portals. It also analyzes which channel yields the best candidates. This means you can streamline your spending areas and get better returns on your investments.

Wrap Up

Other than these benefits, it is also seen that best-suited candidates hired through an ATS are more productive and start to perform earlier than others. Also, these candidates tend to stay longer with the organization as they are able to justify their roles and better match the company environment. So, utilize an applicant tracking system to boost your hiring process for better employee retention, performance, and productivity.

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