It is important that you have a category Q entitlement


It is possible to have an e-scooter if you have a driver’s license. It is advisable to check that your licence is valid. You must also ensure that you have a fully charged battery. You must make sure that your e-scooter has a rear lamp and a horn as well. You will need to pay attention to traffic regulations while you are riding on an e-scooter. You should not park in the carriageway. The maximum speed limit for all e-scooters is 25 mph. You should not ride on the pavement and you should wear a helmet. E-scooters are powered by electricity. They are not powered by E Scooter combustion. E-scooters can only be used on roads with the proper conditions.

It is important that you have a category Q entitlement. This can be obtained for free from the DVLA website. It should be mentioned here that you are not permitted to drive any vehicle which has no category Q entitlement. The permit from the DVLA states that you have the right to drive an electric powered vehicle. The e-scooter you purchase should come with an appropriate charging cable. It is important that you charge it only if it is fully charged. Charging it too often could cause damage to the battery and also to the controller. An e-scooter charger is like a normal charger.

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