What are Raceway and Trunking and their Accessories?


Do you know about the accessories of the raceway and trunking? If not, then keep a look at this article as this can help you in your further projects as well. 

Here down below we provide you the detail about the accessories that are mainly used with the raceway and trunking cable tray.    

What are Raceway and Trunking?

Raceway and Trunking is the best choice for cable management and routing the cables. a raceway and trunking cable tray together create a channel to support and offer a physical pathway to the electrical wire in both homes and businesses. The primary application for cable tray trunking is the installation of electrical cables and wires in a proper manner and neatly. Moreover, Raceway trunking is utilised by numerous industries, including communication and electrical industries. 

A raceway is used to transmit cable wires and attach them to walls or other surfaces. It has a cover that protects the wires from factors like humidity, dust, moisture, water, and others. It is made of high-quality materials and is available in a range of sizes. Raceways are primarily used in all projects, regardless of size, to facilitate the installation of electrical cables. The electrical wiring raceway and trunking are used along with Floor Junction boxes and floor boxes to finish the floor trunking system. This comes with a divider and without a divider to make the installation easy and used as per the needs.

The raceway and trunking are available in a wide variety of sizes as mentioned below:

  • Tray Height: 25mm – 100mm
  • Tray Width:  50mm – 1000mm
  • Tray collar: 15mm -25mm 
  • Raw material: Mild steel & Aluminium
  • Finish: Hot dipped galvanised, Powder coated, Enamel painted

Accessories of Raceway and Trunking Cable Tray

Straight Box type

A Raceway cable tray is an ideal solution for routing data cables properly in homes and offices. This tray is mainly used for underfloor cabling to hide the cable wires. Raceway tray is made of premium quality material and is available in a wide variety. Cable trunking has a powder-coated finish that helps the data cables to be secured from dust, humidity, water, etc. Raceway and trunking have some great features such as durability, high reliability, and maintenance saving. 

Tee Bend 

A tee bend raceway is used to route and support the cable wires in the same plane in 90-degree intervals. It is designed in such a way that it can help easily route the cable and also protect the cable wires from damage. Also, The cable tray raceway is made of galvanised quality material and has a powder-coated finish and aluminium grade finish. This cable tray comes up with some great features such as heat resistance, premium finish, and flexible design.

Cross Bend

In combination with a straight-type raceway, Cross bend raceways are mainly used to route the cable wires and are suitable for laying the cable horizontally in the 90-degree interval in the same plane. It is made of premium quality material and has a pre-galvanized finish. whereas, Raceway has some great features also including rust resistance, high durability, and longevity.

Horizontal Bend

Horizontal bend raceways are used to route the data cable at 90 degrees where two walls are joining in the same plane. It protects the cable from any damage. It comes with some great features like high durability, corrosion resistance, and high strength. 

Vertical Bend Outside

vertical bend outside the raceways is typically utilised in combination with box-type raceways where the direction changes to a different plane. It helps the cable to route properly and also prevents the cable from wearing out, peeling off, or getting damaged. Although Vertical bend outside-raceway changes direction uphill from the horizontal plane.

Vertical Bend Inside 

Raceways with vertical bends are typically used in conjunction with box-type raceways when the direction shifts to a different plane. The design of the tray allows the cable to route properly and protects the cable wires not from peeling off, or getting damaged while laying off the cable. From the horizontal plane, the Vertical bend inside the raceway changes its direction downward.


I believe you will have a thorough understanding of the raceway and trunking after reading this essay from beginning to end. In addition to the above said, raceway and trunking is an enclosed conduit that aids in the proper and orderly routing of the cable wires. One of the most important and versatile cable management solutions. Raceways are constructed from high-quality materials that protect the cable wires from harm caused by things like heat, humidity, corrosion, falling water, and other factors. Raceways come in a wide range of sizes and price points. It offers numerous advantages, including easy installation, effective management, affordability, high quality, etc. However, purchasing raceway and trunking from a cable tray manufacturer is simple and offers customised options based on customer needs. 

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