What self-help means?


There are different kinds of self-help books. Some are about positive thinking. They try to teach you how to overcome your negative feelings and make yourself feel happy. Some books are just plain silly. They encourage you to lie down, shut your eyes, and imagine what you would like to be true. Other books are just about telling you what you ought to do, rather than helping you with practical advice about what you should do. Still others are just plain worthless. They usually offer simple ways to do easy tasks such as exercise, study, and spend less money.

It can be useful to write your own self-help book. Write down all the things you wish were true. Then write about them in chronological order, starting with the first self help thing you want to change in your life. Make sure that you put in everything you want to change. After you have done this, read the book through from cover to cover. Try to think about what you are reading and why you feel that way.

After you have read it, write a list of all the things you have learned from the book. When you read through the book again, see if you can answer the questions that you raised when you were writing. Make sure that you have answered them all. Ask other people who know you well what they think about the book.

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