Then click “generate” and you’ll have your own customized


For a long time, we were stuck with having to use a computer to create QR codes. Now, however, we can use the free online QR code generator called QR Code Monkey to create unlimited amounts of QR codes. The only thing you need to do is to choose your desired style and color scheme and enter a unique number for each qrcode you generate.

Then click “generate” and you’ll have your own customized QR code immediately. There are some restrictions when using this free online generator though. You can’t save your generated QR codes. The QR Code Monkey team also advises not to QR code generator create QR codes that will be printed on a paper.

QR Codes can be used in any way we want, for example, for marketing campaigns, for mobile apps, business cards, and promotional materials, but they are also useful in other ways like creating coupons, for sharing interesting links, or simply for personal use.

So it is a great way to share content such as links, videos, and images without requiring additional steps. It can be used in other ways too including making QR codes that can be shared on social media, be added to email signatures or anywhere else you need.

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