When you press the tumbler


When you are using a tumbler, you will need to know the appropriate temperature and duration for pressing the tumbler. You must press it at a proper temperature. It is important that you don’t press too hot or too cold because the item can stick to the surface. If you are using a hot iron, you will need to press the tumbler for 80-100 seconds.

This will give the ink time to properly absorb into the surface. For some designs, you will need to rotate the tumbler before pressing. If you are printing a free tumbler wrap png design that is going around the tumbler, rotate it first and then press for another 80-100 seconds.

When you press the tumbler, make sure that you use a proper amount of pressure. Press too much and the item may start to sag. Press too little and you may cause wrinkles. If you are printing an image that wraps around the tumbler, make sure that you use a consistent amount of pressure.

If you have a special purpose iron, make sure that you change the heat setting for the design that you are printing. This will help the image to adhere to the tumbler. You will also need to remove the item from the press right away. Let it cool until it has cooled down completely.

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