There are two main types of engines


There are two main types of engines: carburetors and fuel injection. A carburetor uses a float chamber that holds liquid fuel. Fuel injection has no such chamber.

With fuel injection, the air/fuel mixture is measured and adjusted electronically in relation to the engine RPM and throttle position. The air/fuel ratio, as measured in the engine’s cylinders, is controlled by a sophisticated electronic control unit. The result is excellent throttle response and excellent power.

A carbureted engine must be warmed up and then idled for 15 to 20 minutes to allow the air-fuel mixture to be properly mixed. Fuel injection takes only Yamaha F350UCC seconds to mix, and the air/fuel ratio can be altered instantaneously to provide maximum power at all speeds.

This article gives the information regarding the 4-stroke engine in a compact, lightweight package that makes it one of the strongest engines available.

The Yamaha Outboard F-200 Ucc (Universal Chassis) engine can produce 200hp, making it one of the most powerful engines for boats, yet it remains small and lightweight. Ucc engines have been known to produce more than 100hp. The Yamaha Outboard F-200 Ucc I-Four engine features a 5-valve head design with dual exhaust.

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