Why Is An Answering Service So Essential For Small Businesses?


Running a plumbing business requires considerable time, effort, and planning. You may be trying to improve your business in various ways on a regular basis, but what is of concern is the service you offer to customers over the phone.

For example, there are some pessimists who worry about losing prospects for not handling phone calls around the clock, while others fear that they are missing out on sales opportunities for not taking calls properly.

So assigning your phone calls to an experienced answering service may be the only solution you may be looking for. However, there are some reasons behind them why hiring a plumbing answering service may be essential for your small business.

Reason Behind Hiring An Answering Service:-

So, here are the topmost reason to hire a plumbing answering service simply for your business, they are –

1. Calls Will Be Answered Relentlessly.

If you are a reputed plumbing agency, you must understand that your customers need constant support. Plumbing emergencies can arise at any time. So by using a reliable plumbing answering service, your calls will be answered any time of the day or night to provide the assistance they require.

2. Plumbing Emergencies Occur On Weekends And Holidays.

Plumbing emergencies can happen on weekends and holidays as well as in the middle of the night. If your calls are handled by your current support-staff during regular business hours, you don’t have to pay by hiring additional staff members to answer the phone on weekends and holidays. An answering service for small businesses can enable you to accurately serve the needs of your customers regardless of the time of day.

3. All Callers Get Live Support.

Moreover, when you use the right answering service of your choice, your calls are answered by a live skilled answerer. Because dealing with plumbing emergencies is the most frustrating thing for customers to do through a complicated voice messaging system. So you can enhance the overall customer experience with live support.

4. Callers Will Never Receive Voice Mail Or Busy Signals.

Most of your customers’ calls for immediate support can be easily frustrated when they hear a busy signal or are directed to voice mail. If they don’t get a direct response from your company, they may go on to request services from your competitors. With the engagement of an answering service, you don’t have to worry about missing sales due to voicemail or busy signals.

5. Scheduled Appointments Can Be Confirmed.

Some answering services can service you on outgoing calls. They help you schedule appointments to make sure someone is at home or the business when one of your technicians assists them.

This encourages the most efficient workday for your squad.

6. Fresh Leads Can Be Generated Through Sales Prospecting.

A call to your business can readily turn into a new business lead. A qualified answering service professional is trained and skilled in sales prospecting that can help you grow your business.

7. Calls Can Be Screened.

Most of the calls that come into your business line can be efficiently-handled through appointment scheduling. However, there are some calls that need to be transferred to you or your team members. These are usually problematic situations or complicated plumbing questions. Your answering service will screen your calls to ensure that only the most urgent calls are forwarded to you.

8. Office-Space Can Be Used More Productively.

If your office space is the same as everyone else’s, it can feel like your entire team is shrunk. Instead of moving to the most considerable and most expensive office space, you can outsource your support staff to an answering service. You no longer need a dedicated space for phone support staff to sit in your office when you use these services continuously.

9. You May Reduce Overhead.

There are numerous costs linked with having in-house staff answer your phones. For instance, there is salary, unemployment insurance, taxes, benefits, and more. You can remove this overhead from your bottom line through the use of an answering service.

10. Your Employee Management Efforts Are Reduced.

Even if you can save money and space through outsourcing, you can also decrease your managerial headaches. A standard answering service can carefully select and train its employees and any problems that may arise are dealt with internally by the answering service. This can dramatically diminish your stress level.

Bonus – Bottom Line: You Are Losing Money

Last but not the least, a customer might not leave a message when they call, or even if they do, they exclusively call a competitor as soon as they hang up. In case you do not have a live professional receptionist answering the phone who can answer questions and schedule an appointment or follow-up call, you are losing new clients and money in your answering service for small businesses.

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