What are stainless steel slip on flanges?


To find out what a flange is, you will first need to learn what a pipe is. A pipe is a hollow cylindrical tube that is used for transporting fluids, air, etc. Flanges are made of two basic components: a flange nut and a gasket. The gasket helps to keep the flange nut in place while the gasket is between the nut and the pipe. There are different types of flange nuts.

Each flange nut has different requirements. The main purpose of the flange nut is to ensure that the flange does not leak or fail during normal operating conditions. When a slip-on flange is installed on a pipe, the flange nut is tightened into place. The top stainless loose flanges edge of the flange nut forms a shoulder. In order to install a flange, the pipe and flange must be in a horizontal position. The pipe must also be straight and centered under the flange. The bottom edge of the flange nut comes down on the surface of the pipe to keep the flange secure.

A slip-on flange has a rubber seal, usually located on the inside of the nut, that keeps the flange in place. This rubber seal provides the slip-on flange with a sealing surface against which a gasket can be pressed.

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