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Kitchen gardening is making a comeback. The small, beautiful, useful vegetable beds are having an renaissance. They’re appearing everywhere in backyards. Let’s examine the basics of kitchen gardening with an expert on the subject, Nicole Burke, author of the beautiful book, Kitchen Garden Revival. The tips in this article together with the information you’ll discover in Nicole’s book, will see you gardening in your own kitchen garden like a pro.

What is the kitchen garden?

There are two kinds of gardening for kitchens. The first one is done within your kitchen and may involve either re-growing veggies from food scraps (if you’re thinking of trying this, I highly recommend Katie Elzer-Peter’s book, Zero-Waste kitchen gardening) or cultivating vegetables and herbs on your windowsill. But the type of garden that we’re talking about in this piece is outdoors. It’s about growing fresh, organic vegetables right at your door. Instead of happening at in the kitchen space, this type of gardening in the kitchen is inthe kitchen.

The French have been accustomed to this kitchen garden as the potager for many generations, and American colonists also practiced kitchen gardening as well. But industrialization changed that as in the 19th century, the kitchen garden was replaced by the long straight lines of Victory Gardens. Unfortunately, following the industrialization of our food production system, the majority of families were left with no food garden whatsoever.

What makes kitchen gardening different in comparison to “regular” veggie gardening?

A renewed interest in kitchen gardening however it is bringing this practice back into vogue. I asked what an kitchen garden differs from a vegetable patch to Nicole, and here’s what she was able to say: “To me, what distinguishes an kitchen garden unique from a regular vegetable garden is that it’s usually smaller, tends to more frequently and is designed to be in sync more aesthetically with the design and architecture of the home.” Kitchen gardens are designed spaces that have symmetrical beds, which are organized and planted in an aesthetic pleasing way. Also, kitchen gardens are not only functional, they’re beautiful as well. They’re also designed for fresh eating, not for growing large amounts of food for canning and preserving.

Kitchen Gardening

What is the best place to put your kitchen garden

Nicole likes to tie the kitchen gardens that her company, Rooted Garden, designs and builds to other elements of your home including a fence line, the edge of the house, or even by setting it with doors or windows. “You would like your kitchen garden to look like it’s always been there,” she notes. Planning the garden so that it is in line to the lines and items already in the area is the best method to achieve this.

“Of course, you’ll should prioritize sun the most,” she stresses, “and you can do this by making sure that you’re on southern end of any tall structures that you’ve got in your landscaping. Also, you should ensure you’re located near a water source. If you’ve already thought about the sun and water, take a look at the aesthetics of your home and the ways you can extend one line or the other and create a space which feels as though it’s always been part of your house.”

Also, don’t immediately put in the kitchen garden. Consider which area of your property you’d love to relax in and which has ample light. That’s where you want the garden; not distant and out of sight, but as close to your daily routine as you can.

Where to Buy kitchen garden / Plants online?

HarithTharang has developed from its humble beginnings of an unassuming counter that displayed “Gift-A-Plant” products to a retail shop offering various innovative products to customers.

HarithTharang has a distinctive theme for its entire range of products. it is a blend of being ecologically friendly as well as innovative and stylish. The range of products covers a broad selection of natural products, such as various bamboo-derived coconut trees recycled home products recycling plastics and other such natural or recyclable materials. The shop also offers assistance for designing and constructing house gardens. terrace gardens, balconies and kitchen gardens. They also offer terrariums and professional maintenance of gardens.

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