How Air Freight Can Benefit Your Business: A Guide to Faster Shipping


Air freight is a method of shipping goods by air. It is a fast and efficient way to transport goods across long distances. In this article, we will explore the benefits of air freight and how it can benefit your business.

Fast Shipping

  • One of the primary benefits of air freight is its speed.
  • Air freight is the fastest mode of transportation, and goods can be shipped to their destination in a matter of hours or days, depending on the distance.
  • This makes air freight an ideal choice for businesses that need to ship goods quickly, such as perishable items or time-sensitive materials.


  • Although air freight can be more expensive than other shipping methods, it can be cost-effective in certain situations.
  • For example, air freight can reduce the lead time and inventory carrying costs associated with shipping goods by sea.
  • Additionally, air freight can help businesses avoid production delays and reduce the risk of stockouts, which can result in lost revenue.

Increased Security

  • Air freight is subject to strict security measures, which can provide businesses with peace of mind.
  • Additionally, air freight carriers usually have advanced tracking systems, which can help businesses monitor the location and status of their shipments in real time.

 Global Reach

  • Air freight can transport goods to almost any destination in the world.
  • This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that need to ship goods internationally or to remote locations.
  • Additionally, air freight can help businesses expand their customer base by reaching new markets and customers.
  • Air freight is a fast, secure, and cost-effective way to transport goods across long distances.
  • Its speed and efficiency can help businesses reduce lead times and inventory carrying costs, while its security measures can provide peace of mind.
  • With air freight, businesses can expand their reach and take advantage of new markets and opportunities.

Different Types of Air Freight

When it comes to shipping goods, air freight is a popular option due to its speed and efficiency. But did you know that there are different types of air freight services available?

Express Air Freight

  • Express air freight is the fastest option for shipping goods. It’s ideal for urgent shipments that need to be delivered quickly.
  • This type of air freight service is usually offered by courier companies and includes door-to-door delivery.
  •  Express air freight typically has higher rates compared to other types of air freight services.

Standard Air Freight

  • Standard air freight is a more affordable option compared to express air freight. It’s ideal for non-urgent shipments that have a longer lead time.
  • This type of air freight service is typically offered by freight forwarders and includes airport-to-airport delivery.
  • Standard air freight is a good choice for large shipments that don’t require urgent delivery.

Charter Air Freight

  • Charter air freight is a customized air freight service that is tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • It’s ideal for shipments that have unique dimensions, weight, or schedule requirements.
  • Charter air freight offers flexibility and control over the shipment, but it’s typically more expensive than other types of air freight services.

Door-to-Door Air Freight

  • Door-to-door air freight is a convenient option for shipping goods from one location to another.
  •  It includes pickup from the shipper’s location, transportation to the airport, air transportation, and delivery to the consignee’s location.
  • Door-to-door air freight involves the transportation of goods from the sender’s location to the recipient’s location.

Heavyweight Air Freight

  • Heavyweight air freight typically involves the transportation of items that exceed the weight and size limitations of regular air cargo.
  • Heavyweight air freight services are ideal for businesses that require urgent delivery of large or heavy items
  • Heavyweight air freight is a good choice for shipments such as machinery, vehicles, and construction materials.
  •  While choosing the right type of air freight service can help you save time and money while ensuring that your shipment is delivered safely and on time. By understanding the different types of air freight services available, you can make an informed decision that meets your specific shipping requirements.

RMS: Providing the Best and most Affordable Air Freight Facility

In today’s globalized world, air freight has become an essential part of international trade. With businesses looking to expand their reach beyond borders, finding a reliable and affordable air freight provider is crucial. That’s where RMS comes in.

Introduction to RMS

RMS is a leading logistics company that has been providing transportation solutions for over two decades. Their goal is to make shipping easier and more efficient for businesses of all sizes.

Why Choose RMS for Air Freight?

For reliable and efficient air freight services, choose RMS. Finally, the company offers competitive pricing and transparent billing, along with a dedicated customer service team to provide assistance throughout the shipment process.

  • One of the reasons why RMS is the best choice for air freight is its commitment to customer service.
  • Experience and expertise in the air freight industry
  • Whether it’s tracking a shipment or handling customs clearance, RMS is always available to answer any questions and provide guidance.

RMS Air Freight Services

RMS offers a range of air freight services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. They offer both domestic and international air freight, with options for both express and standard delivery.

  • Their air freight services include door-to-door delivery, airport-to-airport delivery, and airport-to-door delivery. They also offer a range of value-added services, including customs clearance, insurance, and packaging.
  • One of the key features of RMS’s air freight services is its real-time tracking system. Customers can track their shipments in real-time, giving them complete visibility of their goods during transit. This ensures that they can make informed decisions and plan their operations accordingly.

Affordable Pricing Options

  • RMS understands that pricing is an important factor for businesses when choosing an air freight provider. That’s why they offer competitive and affordable pricing options. They have a transparent pricing system that includes all fees and charges upfront, so there are no hidden surprises.
  • In addition, RMS offers flexible pricing options, including volume-based pricing and customized pricing for specific shipping needs. This ensures that customers get the best possible pricing for their individual requirements.


In conclusion, RMS is the best choice for businesses looking for reliable and affordable air freight services. With their experienced team, range of services, real-time tracking system, and affordable pricing options, they offer a complete solution for all air freight needs.

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