How to Paint T-Shirts: Creating Prints


How to Paint T-Shirts: Creating Prints

Having a few pieces in your wardrobe that we’re sure no one else has is pretty cool and a tip to conquer an exclusive closet is to start customizing your clothes. Painting t-shirts can be a very interesting way to start, as it is relatively easy and allows your imagination to run wild. At our t shirt shop in Dallas we make different designs of shirts. In this article you will come to know how to paint t shirts.

You can paint your t-shirts any way you want, that is, you just have an idea and set out to turn it into something tangible. Check below some tips on how to paint your t-shirts and get excellent results. The tutorials are pretty easy to do at home.

Choosing the Print

Those who are starting to customize pieces should be careful to choose designs that are easier to stamp. The designs considered easiest are those that are in stencil form. For those who don’t know, stencils are often used in graffiti and to make customizations in general, whether in fabrics or notebook covers, for example.

Currently, it is already possible to find ready-made stencils to sell in craft stores. Basically the stencil is a design made in its simplified form and with a single flat color. The ones sold in craft stores are made of a plastic material and cut so that you can apply the paint forming the design on the desired surface.

Necessary materials

  • Brushes of various sizes
  • Fabric paint
  • fabric pen
  • Cotton t-shirt (This is important as fabric dyes are made for cotton)
  • Old newspapers or magazines
  • printed print
  • Stylus
  • Scissors
  • Place to cut the mold
  • Scotch tape

How to make

Step 1 – Preparing the Mold

To begin, you must print the design of the desired print in black and white. If you have chosen a very small image, it may be necessary to edit it so that it appears larger on the page. It’s important that the printed version is the size you want it to be on the shirt.

A print in size A4, for example, is perfect for women’s baby look t-shirts in size M, but it can also be used for sizes S and L. If you want to print in another size, it’s interesting to use a ruler or tape measure to measure the size of the surface and thus print the base illustration in the right size.

A good tip is also to avoid using conventional sulphite to print the design, as these sheets have little resistance and thus could end up tearing. Look for paper with a heavier weight, in case you have to print it on the bond itself, you can use card stock or cardboard underneath.

After that, take the template to the cutting mat and remove only the black parts of the design. However, be careful not to tear the work.

Tip – One way to get a better cut with the stylus is to use it at an angle, the paper will be in better contact with the blade and cut much easier. To make a stencil with more details use small pointed scissors, the cut will be much more precise than if it were done with the stylus.

Step 2 – Preparing the T-shirt

To prevent the back of the shirt from being stained in the process, you should place newspapers or magazine sheets inside. The idea is to prevent paint used on the front from passing through to the back.

Then position the template on the shirt. Leave a space of about 5 fingers from the leaf for the vertical drawings. For horizontal designs, the tip is that the print is positioned in the chest area, otherwise it might look a little strange. Then secure the template using an adhesive tape to prevent it from moving.

Step 3 – Printing the T-shirt

n this step we are going to paint the shirt, for this you will have to paint the parts that are leaked from the mold. Do this using little paint, the first layer of paint should always be thin. After finishing painting the first layer, let it dry for 1 hour.

Pass the second coat of paint to correct possible flaws. Continue making thin layers.

If you think it’s necessary, you can reinforce the work with a third layer of paint.

Let it dry for 72 hours before washing. Hand wash the piece to remove any traces of newspaper or paper and then just wear your t-shirt.

How To Paint T-shirt Tutorial

Necessary materials

  • A shirt of any color
  • Fabric paint pots in desired colors
  • regular brush
  • Piece of cardboard larger than the drawing
  • Water pot and cloth to clean brush optional

How to make

Step 1

Start by placing a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so the ink doesn’t seep through and hit the back of the t-shirt.

step 2

In the area to be painted, you must place a plate matrix on top of the T-shirt.

step 3

Fix the plate using masking tape to secure the edges or use clothespins to stop it in the right place.

step 4

With the help of a brush you will have to paint the shirt, always taking care that the paint does not leak through the edges or through the holes in the metal sheet.

step 5

After finishing the first coat of paint, wait for it to dry before applying the 2nd coat of paint.

step 6

Let it dry again and then apply the 3rd coat of paint.

step 7

In general, three coats of paint are enough, but if you want you can apply more paint, always waiting for the previous coat to dry before returning to the drawing.

step 8

Once everything is ready and the paint is dry, you should place the piece in an airy place. Let it dry for at least a couple of days and only then wash it.

Stamping Your Creativity

With these tips you will be able to print t-shirts to have unique and exclusive pieces. The tip is to bet on designs that you like so that the prints are more like you. Be creative and start creating your pieces right now.

T-Shirts To Color And Print

Works made with fabric ink show better results, in addition they can be used on t-shirts of any color. Fabric paints can be found at any stationery store, usually the pots are small, but they yield a lot. The best known brand is acrilex. To make your painting on t-shirts you will need the following materials:

  • A t-shirt (in the color of your choice).
  • Regular brush.
  • Paint pots.
  • piece of cardboard
  • Pot of water and cloth to clean the brush.

T-shirt Painted With Fabric Paint

There are several designs that we can create with fabric paint. Many people even prefer to do their own personalization on t-shirts than to buy a ready-made design. For you to make your painting on t-shirts is very simple, with just a few materials and fabric, use your imagination to create. If you are a person already used to painting, and make matrix drawings on sheet metal, other inks can also be used, such as spray paint.

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