The Top Ten Advantages of Putting in a Water Cooler


Water coolers are now a standard luxury in the workplace, as opposed to being the newest gadget that many businesspeople purchased for their own private offices. Many offices may be contemplating installing a water cooler now that the weather is getting warmer in order to keep the workforce hydrated and maintain high levels of productivity. Surprisingly, adding a beverage cooler has much more advantages than that.

Ten advantages of adding a water refrigerator to the workplace are as follows:

The first benefit is fairly self-explanatory:

 the water from a water cooler is different from the water from a tap. In order to remove impurities like lime scale, lead, and copper that can be harmful if consumed, water from a tap must undergo a significant amount of chemical processing, and in some instances, the results of this processing can be tasted. Because the water from a water refrigerator is purer, it tastes better.

2. Water coolers no longer

 have that dated appearance: Many water dispenser manufacturers have improved the conventional style, which made it stick out in the workplace environment. The water spigot looks much more slicker in contrast. Therefore, if you run a high-end office and are concerned about installing an unappealing cooler, you need not fear because water coolers these days are fashionable.

3. Drinking water reduces

 the likelihood of getting sick: It’s a well-known truth that sick employees cause problems for every office. However, research have shown that those who drink more water are less likely to get sick than those who don’t. Eight glasses a day are considered to be sufficient to fend off arthritis development as well as urinary tract disease. A water spigot might be able to stop this.

4. Water replenishes;

 hydration promotes a more productive workforce: It has been established that dehydration makes the body less effective. It can decrease by as little as 5% and cause a 20% decrease in both physical and mental function. A water dispenser could be the ideal remedy for a decline in workplace functionality and efficiency during those sweltering summer afternoons.

5. Water is beneficial for expectant mothers:

 During the summer, many expectant mothers will be working in sweltering offices. Their ability to stay moisturised is essential. Dehydration can cause contractions and early labor, both of which are extremely risky. Fresh water from a water spigot could aid in avoiding this.

6. Water dispensers are simple to replace: 

If a water fountain using bottled water broke down, it could be quickly done so. However, a tap could necessitate significant plumbing repairs, which, let’s face it, is just an unnecessary annoyance in a busy working setting.

7. Water coolers are ecologically friendly: 

Over time, many water cooler manufacturers have improved their environmental practises. This means that the soil from which the water is sourced is no longer treated with fertilisers or pesticides, which can only be good.

8. A water cooler might persuade 

employees to give up soft drinks. Water is unquestionably superior to the soft drink that many people in the workplace prefer to consume. Although it gives you a quick energy boost, the soft drink is loaded with sugar and lacks the long-term advantages of water. (which also holds the upper hand on being a much healthier option).

9. Ensure the long-term health of your workforce:

 It has been demonstrated that people who consume eight or more glasses of water per day have a lower risk of developing heart disease or having a heart attack. Is there a far more compelling argument against putting a water dispenser? In our opinion, no.

10. Water regulates body temperature: 

By regulating the body’s cooling mechanism, water can help keep your workforce more comfortable during those long, hot summer months. A comfortable workplace produces much more than one that is stressful.

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