Comparative analysis of KanTime Vs. NextGen EHR


If you had trouble deciding between NextGen EHR and KanTime EMR, you’ve come to the perfect place. We are aware of how difficult it can be to pick the best software for your business when so many of them can seem to be identical or offer features that are the same in name but come in different bundles. This post will cover the features, demos, pricing, reviews, and our thoughts in great depth to help you make a better decision.

What is KanTime EMR Software?

To assist healthcare organizations in enhancing clinical efficacy, compliance, and financial performance, KanTime healthcare software, a web-based agency management system, was created. The application’s intelligence components allow users to gain insightful knowledge about typical operational, clinical, and financial actions. It provides end-to-end healthcare IT solutions for a range of clinical settings, such as pediatric, home health, hospice, and palliative care.

KanTime EMR Features

Verification Of Medical Eligibility

KanTime Healthcare Software maximizes productivity and automates time-consuming tasks while ensuring prompt payment for the services an agency provides. By confirming patients’ insurance eligibility prior to visits, this data-driven strategy offers clients transparent views of their eligibility process.

Intake and Referral Management

An extensive referral management system is available to users of the agency management software, allowing them to make well-informed choices. It effectively organizes incoming patient intakes and incorporates that data to keep track of future customers. The option to automatically email reminders for required information and payment requirements prior to processing is another feature that clinics can employ.

Scheduling of Patients

End-to-end scheduling solutions from KanTime Software help reduce communication and data entry errors while streamlining scheduling. It has a sophisticated scheduling interface with a guarantee of continuous service delivery throughout the duration of the care process while adhering to doctor timetables.

KanTime EMR Pricing

The conventional subscription-based paradigm serves as the foundation for KanTime EMR’s cost structure. Regrettably, not all of the specifics of the company’s subscription alternatives have been made public.

KanTime EMR Demo

See the comprehensive KanTime Healthcare software demo to see the system in action and discover how it benefits your healthcare setting.

KanTime EMR Reviews

On many reliable websites, KanTime Healthcare Software has received only positive feedback. Most commenters commend the software for its comprehensive medical eligibility verification features, intelligence modules, and top-notch customer care.

NextGen EHR Software

Two doctors founded NextGen EMR with the goal of improving operations in medical offices. The company’s founders devised a plan to accommodate staff and physician workflow utilizing uncomplicated, inexpensive technology that is widely accessible and can be customized to any facility’s unique workflow needs.

NextGen EHR Features

Easy to Navigate

Navigation is made much easier by NextGen EMR’s straightforward interface. It was developed with the understanding that doctors are frequently time-constrained. A single panel with numerous large, straightforward-to-select icons provides access to all the choices. You will soon be able to manage everything with ease.

Patient Portal

Due to its simplicity of use, an intelligent patient portal is now required for EMR. Due to a lack of employees, independent hospitals usually rely on their nurses to handle administrative duties.


The e-prescribing feature of the EMR, which helps identify prescription interactions, dosage problems, and patient allergies, is the next feature we’ll discuss. Create digital prescriptions with this EHR, then send them to the pharmacy of your patients’ choosing. Patients can pick it up at any time after that.

NextGen EHR Reviews

According to Nextgen patient portal review, the vast majority of NextGen EMR customers praise the features for being highly helpful and simple to use.

NextGen EHR Pricing

By choosing “Get Pricing,” you can contact us and receive next-generation pricing tailored to your practice.

NextGen EHR Demo

You must watch a demonstration before you make any decisions. You can schedule a demo to observe NextGen ehr in action.

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KanTime Vs. NextGen EHR Software—Final Thoughts

Customers can centralize patient data, manage clinical processes, and improve financial performance with KanTime software’s full agency management solution. While offering data-driven insights and enhancing care, its user-friendly interface speeds up the registration of new patients. If your small or medium-sized healthcare business needs a scalable agency management system, it is something to think about.

As mentioned in earlier sections, if your company is an ambulatory care center, NextGen ehr should be your first choice. It, therefore, possesses all the traits and features of a service intended to guarantee the success of healthcare delivery in an outpatient setting. But ultimately, the best way to figure out if the subscription is right for your practice is to set up a demo.

Now that you have all the knowledge necessary to select a decent EMR for your practice, you should still make sure to read as many evaluations about each piece of software as possible for a deeper understanding.

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