NYS 16-hour Pistol Course


NYS Concealed Carry Class Firearm Safety Course: In London, you need to take this 16-hour course to get a “Carry Concealed Pistol Permit.” You will learn how to shoot a pistol and the laws of NYS. The students also have to pass a 2-hour live-fire range training course. The “carry concealed pistol permit” can be applied for after both the classroom and live-fire requirements have been met. There are two ways to take this course (Full Service, which includes application assistance, or class Only).

Safety Course for YS Concealed Carry of Firearms (16 Hours)

Instructors will focus on how to take care of and use a firearm in a safe way. This course was made by Don’s Security Services to meet and go above and beyond the requirements set by both the County Pistol Permit Departments and the NYS Concealed Carry Firearms Safety Courses. Don’s Security Services will give out all forms and paperwork at class, along with instructions on how to fill them out.

This 16-hour course replaces the 3-hour Pistol Permit Safety Course, which used to be enough

The 3-Hour Safety Courses that were taken before 2022 are no longer accepted by NYS. For people who took a course in 2023 but didn’t finish the paperwork to get a pistol permit, the only way to apply now is to take the 16-Hour course.


  • Safe Gun Handling
  • Gun laws in New York
  • Safe Storage & Gun Locks
  • Ammunition Options
  • Carry Ideas and Holsters:
  • Training & Tactics for the Street
  • How to take care of and clean different kinds of guns
  • Basics of Shooting
  • What Happens After a Shooting and How to Stop It
  • Use of Physical Force That Can Kill

APPLICANTS: (Requirements) To apply for a Pistol Permit in New York State, your age at least 21 years old. (However, applicants can take the NYS Concealed Carry Firearms Safety Course at age 20 and then apply for their permit at age 21.)

You need to meet the right requirements and follow the right steps of the application process. Part of this process is taking safety and pistol permit courses to make sure you are qualified to carry or travel with a gun.

We offer the classes you need to get your pistol permit at Blackhawk Training Academy. Our courses teach about operational safety and how to get a pistol permit.

People who want to get a Non-Resident Pistol Permit and are at least 21 years old must take this course. This course is for people who live outside and want to be able to carry a gun in 30 states outside of New York State. Even though you don’t need an NYS permit to take this course, the permit is NOT VALID in NYS, so you can’t use it to buy, own, transport, handle, carry, or use a gun there. Most pistol permits arrive at your door 60 to 70 business days after  to gets your paperwork.

Concealed Firearm Act Class

The course includes a Concealed Firearm Act Class, handgun safety, an application, self-addressed envelope, a passport photo, a copy of a driver’s license, fingerprints, and an instructor’s stamp after completion. You just have to take it to the post office and mail it. (You don’t need a handgun for this class.)

This course is require by the Florida Department of Agriculture for people who haven’t had formal training on how to keep guns safe (i.e., military, law enforcement, NRA training, etc.). To be able to apply for a Florida Concealed Firearms Permit, you must have taken a class on how to use guns safely. Part of this training takes place in the classroom, and part on the “live fire” range. Participants must be watch as they load and fire their handguns safely.

The course includes safety for handguns and other firearms, range safety, live fire, a passport photo, fingerprints, a certificate of safety, and an application for a Florida Concealed Firearms Permit

Our NRA-qualified firearms instructors, who are also certified by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services, teach this popular course. Your training will take 18 hours, which is make up of 16 hours of in-person, live classroom instruction and 2 hours of live-fire shooting practice at the range.

For the firearms range qualification, you don’t need a pistol permit or a gun. If you don’t have a gun, you can rent one. This course will satisfy the pistol licensing agencies so that you can submit your pistol permit application to either get a concealed carry permit in New York State or change your current restrictive proper cause issued permit to a concealed carry permit CCW.”

The course will be taught in the classroom for two days and on the range for 2 hours

In the classroom, students will talk about the following:

  • How to Store Guns Safely
  • State and federal laws about how to hide a gun
  • Places that are important for suicide prevention and the latest law changes
  • Concealed carry and being aware of your surroundings
  • Bad effects of drinking and taking drugs
  • Conflict Management & De-escalation

Use of Physical Force Likely to Cause Death – NYS Article 35

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