Types of Credit Affecting iDeb SLIK


After you can easily check BI checking conditions quickly, you also have to pay attention to credit, what are the things that can affect the condition of your iDeb SLIK. By knowing what types of credit can affect iDeb SLIK conditions, you can be careful in making transactions so you don’t give a bad credit score. Here are several types of credit that can affect iDeb SLIK:

Unsecured Loans (KTA)

In addition, if you make a loan at a bank or unsecured credit, your borrowing history will be recorded and you must make payments in a disciplined link slot gacor manner so that you can apply for the next loan. Make sure that you borrow money if you really have to and for very urgent needs and not for purely consumptive purposes.

KPR or Home Ownership Credit

Buying a house requires a lot of money, so you can ask for mortgage assistance so you can have your own dream home. If you buy a house using a mortgage, your data and transaction history will automatically be recorded at a financial institution or even a non-banking institution. Credit history will be recorded in iDeb and you must ensure that your home loan can run well.

Credit card

If you often shop online, maybe you have made transactions using a credit card. The shopping transactions that you make will automatically be recorded in iDeb regardless of the amount. Make sure that the number of shopping transactions you make is within reasonable limits and you can still pay the bills regularly without being late.

Motorcycle or Car Ownership Credit (KPM)

Having a private vehicle is one of the most enjoyable things. However, if you buy the vehicle on credit, your purchase transaction will automatically be recorded on iDeb. It will be very dangerous if your vehicle ownership credit is bad because it can make a bad record on iDeb later and when you want to process a home mortgage.

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